Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class Testimonials

Here are real testimonials from actual students in our programs. Just a glimpse of what people think about our classes.

Video Testimonials

Alcohol Awareness Class testimonial from Ron S.
DUI Class testimonial from George W.
Alcohol Class testimonial from Kelsey S.
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class testimonial from Julie F.
Minor in Possession Class testimonial from Jonathan C.
Alcohol Awarenes Class testimonial from Jenn
Alcohol Awarenes Class testimonial from Sally T.

Written Testimonials

I dont know how much to thank you Mike that is just a sigh of relief for me thank you so much i will make sure to refer any of my friends that need to do a drug and alcohol class to your company thank you again.
Andrew G • Puyallup, WA
Thank you for helping me so quickly. Best customer service I have ever encountered. Greatly appreciated.
Thelma S • Lillington, NC
This class was very well written, it actually kept me focused with all the stories and fact I never would've known or found out on my own.
Lisa T • Denver, CO

You are an absolute star I cannot thank you enough!
Lisa R • Raleigh, NC
Mike, thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your help! You guys have great customer service. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to all of my friends and family. Thanks again!
Patrick Y • Denver, CO
Loved that I was able to do this from home, it made it alot easier and still very informative and I beleive it gave me a new way of looking at drugs and alcohol. Thank You.
Brittany R • Waxhaw, NC
I would just like to thank Mike for all his help with the certificate. After calling the DMV, per Mikes instuctions they accepted the certificate and released the hold on my licence. I appeciate all your help with getting this matter resolved.
Heaven C • Berlin, NH
I liked it. Very convenient and user friendly.
Mikaela M • Highlands Ranch, CO
Great class, learned a lot!
Kim V • Hillsboro, OR
I liked being able to log in/out when I needed to. I really liked the idea of this class being offered online.
Michaela H • Broken Bow, NE
Before I started this course, I didn't think I needed any of ths information. I dont drink enough to worry about it, and as a military member, I dont use drugs. But, taking this course has opened my eyes to alot of habits that I have noticed in myself. Even if I'm not a binge drinker or a drug addict. I recommend this course or one similar to people that are not required to have it, by law.
Paul K • Johnson City, TN
This actually helped me a lot. I don’t drink barely ever, but I have friends that do and now I know how to help them. Thank you for the help! :)
Emily M • South Padre Island, TX
A very convenient way to accomplish the requirements I needed to meet. you thank for making this part of a terrible experience easier. And it was Very Inciteful.
Sarah G • Avon, CO
If you read the lessons thoroughly, you will really learn some experience and it lead you a right way to grow up!
Matt R • Gloucester, MA
I've learned a lot from this course. I'll definitely think twice about picking up an alcoholic beverage.
Alvaro G • Del Rio, TX
I enjoyed the class, I learned what to do and not to do! Thanks!
Robert P • Las Vegas, NV
I have learned a lot about myself and how drugs and alcohol have related to my lifestyle. I will continue to follow the path of AA an counseling.
Renne A • Colorado Springs , CO
Many thanks for this digestible yet extremely effective course. The convenience of the online platform was very much appreciated, as was the comprehensiveness of the lesson plans. Regards, Adam
Adam S • New York, NY
OMG this class has taught me AALLOOTT of things that i never knew or never learned in high school im very happy i took this class yay!
Andrew C • Seattle, WA
I loved how the course is setup. before starting the course I didnt think I had an addiction because I dont use very often and was only doing this to make the courts happy but it taught me alot and made me realize I do have a problem and gave me the confidence to overcome it. Thanks!
Christopher T • Atlanta, GA
The class was fast and easy and took care of my court requirement without having to attend a live class.
Roger S • Bangor, ME
I really enjoyed the lessons. I learned a lot about how to avoid problems with drugs and alcohol.
Patrick R • Canfield OH
WOW ! This alcohol class is the best! I learned so much, and it had so much information. Thanks for everything!
Emily T • Pittsburgh, PA
Your alcohol awareness class was very helpful. I definitely like that I could re-read the materials as many times as I wanted. I like the interaction of slides and audio. Thank you and best wishes to all.
Manuel R • Bakersfield CA
All in all I learned a lot about alcohol and drugs and a lot about myself and ways to better my life!
Geoffrey B • Ocean Grove, NJ
I really enjoyed the course and it was very informative. I'm really glad that I took the class and will recommend it to others. Thanks.
Ralmon N • Austin, TX
I enjoyed the course and hope I don’t have to take it again, but if I do I’ll definitely be using your Web site.
Max R • Raleigh, NC
I searched the internet to find a class that looked like it was both reputable and would meet my requirements. You never know with the internet. But when I took your class I found it to be really informative and the information seemed really well researched. It was definitely worth it!
Sarah V • Princeton, NJ
Thanks for making the class so easy!
Sandra P • Enid, OK
My son needed to take a Minor in Possession Class in order to clear up a problem he had at his college. This was definitely the easiest way to take care of the problem and he told me that the class was both informative and easy to use.
Alexandra F • Jackson, MS

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