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Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes in California

Drug and alcohol related offenses typically result in a form of court-ordered substance abuse education course. Now, these classes are offered via the internet through Online Alcohol Class (OAC), which offers varying degrees of education: Level 1 (8 hours), Level 2 (16 hours), and Level 3 (24 hours).

These California Online Alcohol Awareness Classes have been designed and written by experts to meet court-ordered requirements for the State of California.

Please note that if are looking for a DUI Class in California and are a California resident you will probably need to take an in-person class in order to be accepted by the CA DMV. Please see our CA DUI Class Directory for state licensed options.

Class levels and corresponding program costs are as follows:

California Alcohol and Drug Awareness FAQ

1. Do you accept most major forms of payment for enrollment in the program?

Yes. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) for enrollment in OAC. Prior to enrollment, all costs must be paid in full. All enrollment information and credit card/online check data will be processed through our secure payment processing company.

2. How do I access the necessary materials for OAC?

Much like using your email, you choose a unique username and password upon enrollment and use this information every time you log in.

3. Am I able to access the class online every day? What if I’m too busy?

Yes. The course is available 24/7, and is easily accessed with a mobile device or computer. This provides the ability to start and stop at your on pace as long as you remember to stay up to date with your court-ordered deadline.

4. How do the quizzes work? Do they count towards my overall score?

The quizzes are designed to prepare you for the final examination. Quizzes appear after some lessons but do not count towards your final exam. They are designed to help you with the course material and to prepare you for the final exam which requires a passing score of eighty-percent or higher. If you do not reach this goal, you can re-take the test until you pass (at no extra charge).

5. How do I receive my certificate of completion?

Your certificate of completion will be mailed First Class to the address provided once you've passed the California final examination and complete the course. If your court-ordered deadline is nearing, however, it may be wise to sign up for next-day business delivery during the enrollment process.

Learn more about DUI Laws in California.

Resident of California, click here to find a class in your county. You might also be interested in California Minor in Possession Classes.

California Alcohol Class

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