Our Convenient Minor in Possession Classes

We offer Online Minor-in-Possession Classes that are convenient for minors, adolescents, and students to fulfill a court or personal alcohol education requirement. Our classes are convenient, affordable, and accepted nationwide. Professionally developed, our courses are educational and easy to access.

MIP Classes

If you're a minor who has been arrested for drinking alcohol or drug possession, then you may consider taking our class. We offer different courses on how to avoid the following offenses: Minor-in-Possession, Minor-in-Consumption, and Possession of Alcohol under the Legal Age. These courses have been created to meet educational requirements mandated by courts and schools.

Class Specifics

Our Online Minor-in-Possession Classes are completely web-based. You only need two tools to gain access to our program: Internet access and a computer. You can conveniently sign in and out of the classes at your own will; your progress will automatically be saved.

Class Topics

Our classes will cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Alcohol Abuse in Minors & Recognize the Signs
  • Why Do Teens Use Drugs?
  • What Underage Alcohol Abuse Costs Society
  • Health Risks of High Risk Drinking in Young People
  • Understanding and Controlling Stress & Emotions
  • The Importance of Healthy Teen Relationships

Class Completion

Upon completing our Online Minor-in-Possession Class, you will receive a completion certificate. This document will show that you’ve successfully completed our course. Though we will mail your certificate for free via First-Class mail, you do have the option of having it overnighted for a small fee.

Other Classes

We offer classes in a variety of lengths to fit all needs, including:

Class Price
6 Hour MIP Class $124 Register Now
8 Hour (Level 1) MIP Class $149 Register Now
12 Hour MIP Class $199 Register Now
16 Hour (Level 2) MIP Class $249 Register Now
24 Hour (Level 3) MIP Class $319 Register Now

MIP Class Highlights

  • 100% MIP Online Class
  • Accepted Throughout the U.S.
  • Free Completion Certificate
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • No Tedious Downloads
  • Free Online Enrollment Verification
  • Instant Access
  • Available 24/7 from any Internet Computer
  • Written and Developed by Professionals
  • 100% Guaranteed