Read Along Audio Narration

Listen to the Lessons Instead of Reading Them

With our new Audio Read Along feature, students can have the entire course read to them out loud. The course text on every page has been narrated and is available to all students.

With any online class there’s going to be some reading required. This is true with our alcohol and DUI classes. However, with Read Along all the text is also available to be read to you with our built-in audio player. That way you can choose to read the material or listen to it—whichever suits you best.

Low-Cost Upgrade

Read Along is available for all Online Alcohol Class’s Alcohol Awareness, DUI and Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes as a low-cost upgrade. You can purchase Read Along either when you buy your class or at any time while you are taking it.

Free Read-Along Trial

All students get access to a free trial where they can listen to the first three chapters of their course with Read Along. This is completely free and requires no purchase. If you decide that you want to purchase the upgrade, just click the Upgrade button on the Read Along player to make your upgrade purchase.

Easy to Use

Read Along:
Readalong Controls

A built-in Read Along audio player is available on every lesson in our course. Just click the Play button when you start a lesson and you can sit back and listen to the content instead of reading. You can also listen to the audio multiple times if you miss something.

Save Your Eyes

Many students eyes tire when they have to do a lot of reading. Read along eliminates the need to read everything. Let the audio player do it for you. When your eyes are less tired, you can take fewer breaks and even finish the class faster.

What customers say about Read Along

“My eyes get tired when I have to read a lot. By saving my eyes I finished the class much faster!” – Sally S.
“I liked the voice of the person who narrated the class. It made the class go by much more quickly. ” – Mark F.
“What a great option to listen to the class instead of having to read it!” – Kelly D.

Read Along Benefits

  • Audio Narration
  • Less Reading
  • Finish Faster
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade

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