About Online Alcohol Class

Online Alcohol Class has one mission: To be the leader in classroom and Online Alcohol Awareness and DUI training services. We want your experience to be a positive one; therefore, we provide effective course materials and great customer service.

Class Format

Our Online Alcohol Class is divided up into 15 to 20-part lessons (depending on the length of your particular course). Each lesson will discuss a topic related to alcohol, DUI and drug awareness.

Within each lesson, there are individual pages, usually about 5 minutes long. After some pages, there may be a short quiz. The quiz is not graded, but used as a tool to see if you’ve learned the subject matter in that section.

At the end of your Online Alcohol Class you will be given a final exam. This exam will contain between 30 and 50 multiple choice questions (again, depending on the length of your particular course). In order to pass the class you must get 70 percent of the questions correct. If you fail, you may re-study the materials. You are able to take the exam as many times as you need until you pass.

All classes have available Read Along. This audio narration feature lets you listen to the class instead of reading it. Many students find readalong allows them to follow their classes better and comprehend the content better.

Class Topics

Below are some of the topics that will be covered in our Online Alcohol Class, including:

  • Introduction
  • Alcohol Abuse – Recognize the Signs
  • Problems and Patterns of Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Narcotics, Stimulants and Other Drugs
  • Learning About Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol: Past & Present
  • What Alcohol Abuse Costs Society
  • Drunken Driving Crash Shattered Teen’s Life
  • Risks and Consequences of Alcohol Use
  • Risks and Consequences of Drug Use
  • Underage Alcohol Consumption
  • Understanding How Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Mind and Body
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse – Do You Know the Effects?
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse – Learn the Patterns of Use
  • Where Does Your Drinking or Drug Habit Fit In?
  • Risks for Relapse or Re-offense
  • Understanding and Controlling Stress & Emotions
  • Making Changes and Avoiding Consequences
  • Communication and Relationships as a Foundation for Recovery and Prevention
  • Learning More About Addiction
  • Relapse Prevention

Class Certificate

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion . This document will be shipped to you via First-Class mail. However, for a small fee, you may have your shipped to you via an overnight service.

Class Benefits

By registering for our Online Alcohol Class, you will be able to take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Study on Your Own Time
  • Learn Better and Remember It Longer
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Superior Customer Support
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Start Immediately

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