Final Destination for Ryan Merriman is an Alcohol Awareness Classes

by: Mike Miller

As I have said all along, Hollywood celebrities do not belong as role models. However, given our adoration of celebrities it is no surprise (unfortunately) that those who appear on the Silver Screen often become role models in a negative way.

Hollywood has a long history with stars addicted to drugs and alcohol. From Mel Gibson’s Dui and anti-Semitic rage to Nick Nolte’s famous Dui mug-shot celebrities, despite their wealth, choose to drink and drive.

Final Destination 3 Star 

The latest (maybe not by the time you read this) celebrity to fall victim to being busted driving under the influence is 28-year-old Ryan Merriman. The good-looking youngster from Choctaw, Oklahoma was arrested back in November of two counts of driving under the influence in Newport Beach, California.

Alcohol Awareness Class

In addition to a $390 fine and a lengthy probation the judge ordered Merriman to take alcohol awareness classes.

Merriman has been a part of Hollywood for some time, breaking in as a child actor. He has appeared in a couple of Disney movies and starred alongside Haley Joel Osment in “Home of the Giants.”

Merriman is yet another Hollywood actor to prove that he is human. I Hopefully his alcohol class combined with counseling will keep him on the straight and narrow.