Pennsylvania Alcohol Awareness Class Could Have Averted Another Tragedy

by: Mike Miller

One can only imagine the guilt and remorse you might feel for taking the life of an innocent. I thank the Lord every day that I somehow managed not to hurt anyone when I drank and drove. A man from Erie, Pennsylvania is certainly going through a difficult time after choosing to drink and drive.

Eugene Metzger took an overdose of pills this morning and putting a temporary halt on his sentencing on charges he killed a woman in a drunken-driving collision in 2010.

Lives Ruined by DUI

Did the 54-year-old try to kill himself? He certainly is not getting any sympathy from the victim’s family who called him a total coward.

Metzger was found guilty at trial in November of charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, aggravated assault while DUI, DUI, involuntary manslaughter, and recklessly endangering other people.

Metzger was found guilty of driving while intoxicated when he turned his vehicle into the path of a motorcycle driven by Jamie Wilt. Porter, a passenger on the bike, died instantly of a massive head injury after she was thrown from the motorcycle.

Wilt suffered several broken bones and a punctured lung. He committed suicide in March at the age of 26. His family has said he was despondent over the loss of Porter's life.

This all could have been avoided had Metzger made the right choice of not drinking and driving. All of our actions have consequences.