Lutheran Administrator In Need of Indiana Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Everyone makes mistakes. You hope that when you make those mistakes they do not cost you your job, your family or your life. One of the ways to minimize the likelihood of committing a deed so bad as to change your life is to not drink alcohol. I am sure the culprit in the following story wished he had never consumed booze.

Michael Brandt, Lutheran High School’s head of school — a position similar to that of principal — feels badly that he drove under the influence of alcohol. Will his remorse be enough to save his job? Should it? You can decide for yourself.

In a page-and-a-half statement mailed to students’ families and distributed to staff, Brandt accepted responsibility for wrongdoing and made repeated references to matters of faith and spiritual warfare.

Do you buy this story? He claims he allowed the “wind and waves of the world to creep in” and stopped off at the pub for a few drinks. What the heck does that mean?

Not only was Brandt driving 42 in a 30 MPH zone, Brandt was charged with operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level .15 or higher and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Cops dropped the speeding charge. Oh, by the way, he also possessed no valid registration.

A report by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stated Brandt’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred. The report said his balance was shaky when he got out of the Yukon and that he smelled of alcohol.

Police said Brandt failed all four parts of it, then took a breathalyzer test which registered .15.

Will he keep his job? What is important is that he may very well have a drinking problem that was illuminated by his DUI behavior. How many times had he done this before and not get caught? An expert would guess many, perhaps hundreds of times.

I hope he takes an alcohol class and seeks both spiritual and substance abuse counseling.