When Booze Makes You Stupid – Part 1

by: Mike Miller

Do you have a story where someone got drunk and did something stupid? Perhaps you have a few anecdotes of your own to share. I know I could fill volumes with my stories of stupidity.

Following is a story from the Washington Post of complete and utter stupidity worthy of a Hollywood comedy if it were not so very real.

Last month and Indiana man accused of stealing a car threatened to hunt down and eat his arresting officers, their families and police dogs.

Paul M. Brock was charged with auto theft, resisting law enforcement, intimidation and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Police were forced to subdue the 39-year-old with police. Brock later told officers that he would hunt them down and eat them, their families and their dogs. He had a blood-alcohol concentration of more than three times Indiana’s legal limit.

My guess is that Brock is probably mentally unstable. From my experience as a counselor for alcohol and drug classes I would guess that there are drug issues as well.

Alcohol and drugs increase the likelihood that people are going to do stupid things. If you or someone you care about has substance abuse issues, please seek help immediately. If you prefer to maintain total anonymity there are online alcohol and online drug classes too.