Lawmaker Needs Georgia Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Celebrities and politicians are no different than anyone else.  That is not true on all fronts, but they are human beings.  Unfortunately for them, when they misbehave it becomes news.  Politicians are always getting in trouble for alcohol, drugs, prostitution and fraud.  This is a story from about a politician suffering an alcohol-related incident.

Kip Smith, a Republican state senator in Georgia, was arrested and charged with DUI after officers spotted him running a red light.

Smith, a 29-year-old lawmaker was alone in his Jaguar and of course claimed he didn’t realize the light was red.

Of course Smith denied he had been drinking despite reeking of booze with watery eyes.  After being pulled from the car he admitted he had consumed one beer 45 minutes earlier.

Another sign of guilt he refused a breathalyzer at the scene. The officer finally convinced Smith who blew a .091. which is above the legal limit of .08.  Then Smith changed his story again and that one beer had been consumed 15 minutes earlier.  Will politicians ever stop lying?

Smith proceeded to fail a field sobriety test as well.

After the tests, Smith was placed under arrested, and on the way to jail he stated that what had happened was his fault, and that he had been incredibly irresponsible.  Further adding to his guilt were two more breath tests and Smith blew a .099 and then a .100, “well over the legal limit,” the report said.

Smith was charged with three offenses -- two DUI charges, and the third, failure to obey a traffic control device.

This is yet another case of our elected officials not acting responsibly. I hope that Smith can get sober with the help of a 16 hour alcohol class and become a positive member of society.