Mel Gibson Video Reveals Need for California Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

I have said time and again that Hollywood celebrities are not role models. The poster-child for rotten celebrity behavior is famed actor Mel Gibson.  The star of such Hollywood blockbusters like “Lethal Weapon” and “Mad Max” had his true colors revealed back in 2006 in what is still one of the most ridiculous driving under the influence arrests in celebrity history.

Not only was Gibson caught while driving completely intoxicated, but according to TMZ spewed out a litany of profane anti-Semitic remarks. Given that his father ran a church in Australia with anti-Semitic sentiments, one has to believe that the apple does not fall from the tree!

That said, you must be wondering why I bring this up five years after the fact. Well there is controversy swirling around the infamous video of time he spent in jail immediately following his arrest. We all have seen his antics while being arrested and his anti-sematic rage!

Now a videotape of a raging and drunk Gibson in a jail cell immediately after he was arrested in 2006 for DUI has become a huge bone of contention in a lawsuit filed by the arresting deputy.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee is suing his department, claiming he's the victim of religious discrimination. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he has been targeted by his superiors because of his faith.

Mee wants the jury to see a videotape of Mel Gibson in the holding cell. The video shows an out-of-control Mel handcuffed behind bars, complaining he had to urinate and then -- according to sources -- appearing to make an attempt to pee on the cell floor.

Law enforcement sources claim ... the video shows Mel running around the cell and at one point even trying to scale the bars like a monkey. And when he attempted to use the phone, but couldn't get a dial tone, he threw the receiver against the phone.

The defendant in this case is the County of Los Angeles which has filed legal docs trying to block the admission of the video, arguing that it's irrelevant to Mee's religious discrimination claim and would only be used to "embarrass Mr. Gibson."

This is a tragedy all the way around. Was Mee a victim of anti-Semitism? Who knows, but this all could have been avoided if Gibson had stayed sober and did not reveal his true colors. I hope Gibson has received counseling and taken a California alcohol class.