Take a DUI Class Before Ruining Your Life

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I follow the stories related to DUI closely. Often you read stories that stick. Some of those include “extreme DUI.” Others involve drinking and driving citations when children are in the vehicle. While others involve celebrities.

Extreme DUI

The legal blood-alcohol concentration for operating a motor vehicle is .08%. Many people get arrested for extreme DUI where drivers are 0.20% or higher. At .25% a human being can perish. Officers in Arizona recently arrested a man whose BAC was four times the legal limit.

The man is 52-year-old Scott Jarc who was stopped after police witnessed him speeding around 4 a.m. Surprisingly, speed is the only reason officers had decided to pull him over. Deputies smelled alcohol and took him into custody. His BAC was .328%.

Jarc faces DUI counts that include extreme DUI and super extreme DUI with a blood-alcohol level above .20 percent.

World-Class Swimmer – DUI

Athletes for all their God-given gifts are human too. They eat, drink, smoke and even break the law.

One such athlete is former world record-setting swimmer Andrew "Andy" Coan who was arrested in June and charged with DUI and child neglect.

The 54-year-old Coan was arrested as he was backing out of a parking space at his child’s elementary school with his 8-year-old son in the front seat. Witnesses had noticed a strong smell of alcohol and police were alerted.

It just goes to show – do not drink and drive. If you know someone who drinks and drives regularly, yourself included, please seek help. If you prefer to maintain anonymity there are online alcohol classes too.

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