Did Leaking Mel Gibson California DUI Arrest Reports Cost Cop His Job?

by: Mike Miller

You would hate to think that a police officer would be run out by apparent false accusations. Such may be the case for the man who arrested Holly superstar Mel Gibson of driving under the influence (California DUI) back in 2006.

Of course official reports claim that the firing had nothing to do with Mel Gibson or the leaking of confidential arrest reports.

The deputy is question is James Mee who is supposedly being give the boot for violating procedure by engaging in a high-speed pursuit that ended in a fiery explosion. This was reported in TMZ.com.

Mee and his attorney think this is retaliation for the department’s belief that he is the one who leaked 4 pages of Mel's arrest report to TMZ. Mee's superiors had ordered the deputy to remove the 4 pages, which contained a blow-by-blow of Mel's anti-Semitic tirade on Pacific Coast Highway. Could the Sheriff's Dept. have lied when it repeatedly told TMZ ... Mel was arrested "without incident" and no anti-Semitic remarks were uttered? Maybe so!

The incident that triggered the firing occurred on June 17, 2011, when Mee attempted to stop a driver who was allegedly drunk. The driver, who was traveling around 30 mph, gunned it and was going more than 100 mph when his car skidded into a gas station, hitting 2 pumps which triggered an explosion.

In the letter, the Sheriff's Dept. accuses Mee of not only violating the pursuit policy but lying to his superior about his involvement in the chase.  The main gripe was that Mee didn't immediately notify emergency officials there was a crash. Seems like if anything this is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

It appears that Mee will be the first to have been fired for allegedly violating the pursuit policy. What do you think?