What Made Officer Shoot His Friend and Colleague at California DUI Checkpoint?

by: Mike Miller

In one of the most bizarre storied I have read about recently one police officer shot and killed another officer at a DUI checkpoint. The truth behind the incident remains a mystery.

The officer killed, Alberto Covarrubias, was having sex with a 17-year-old Explorer program member. He knew he was under investigation and admitted to his friend and partner, Matt Kline, that he shouldn’t worry because if he got caught his life was over and he would just kill himself. This according to the Washington Post.

It turns out, his buddy Kline decided to keep him from committing suicide. Did he do it with Covarrubias’ knowledge and consent? If not, why would he kill one of his best friends.

Kline was aware that police had planned a sting to arrest Covarrubias while he worked at a DUI checkpoint. Things went haywire.

Kline, a five-year veteran, killed Covarrubias as two sergeants tried to wrestle a loaded handgun from him. Covarrubias fired a round before being shot.

Kline was not only a friend of Covarrubias, he had been best man at his wedding weeks earlier.

Covarrubias was under investigation for having sex with a teenage girl who was part of the Explorer program, which gives young people the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement. They go on ride-alongs, and learn to write reports and direct traffic to get a taste of a law enforcement career.

Kline was cleared of charges but remains on paid leave.

A sad story about a person with aberrant behavior. Hopefully his family will get counseling to recover from their grief. Kline too should seek counseling.