Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes Can Help Provide Happy Ending

by: Mike Miller

My regular bloggers and co-bloggers know that I believe in the power and ability of everyone to overcome their addictions. They know that as a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol and drug classes, I have personally helped many drug addicts on the road to recovery and lifelong sobriety.

I love a happy ending!

The story of 47-year-old Monique Nobriga brings tears to my eyes. This as reported in the Whittier Daily News.

After overcoming a history of domestic abuse, several stints in jail, and a 28-year heroin addiction, Nobriga graduated y with cum laude honors from Cal State Los Angeles last month.

It has been seven years since the single mother has last used alcohol or drugs. She received her bachelor's degree in social work.

The story gets even better. Not merely satisfied with her undergraduate degree, she's been accepted into Cal State L.A.'s graduate program, specializing in forensic social work.

History of Substance Abuse

Nobriga ran away from her Long Beach home at age 13, when she could no longer handle things at home.

By age 7 she knew "how much I loved alcohol," and used heroin for the first time at 12 years of age.

At age 19, she had her son, Aaron, now 28, who "by the grace of God," was OK, even though she kept using drugs during her pregnancy.

Although she tried a few jobs, such as a truck driver and cashier, Nobriga was always high on something, whether it was alcohol, methamphetamine or heroin, including the years she worked as a prostitute to help feed her habit.

Those times are in her past. Alcohol Drug classes and counseling helped save more than one life here. Hopefully, she will continue to be a beacon of sober living.