Boaters Could Use an Online Alcohol and DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Should an alcohol awareness class be mandatory for someone to get their boating license? While it may seem unfair, I think there is no good reason not to require all boaters take an 8-hour online alcohol class as part of the process of obtaining a boating license.

Why? Because there are far too many boaters who either do not think or believe that drinking and boating is driving under the influence. All it takes is one day out on any lake to notice at least one boater operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

This can be lethal.

Boaters across the nation can drink more alcohol on the water than they can on the road, with less fear of being arrested. This according to

When people drink and pilot a boat they place themselves and everyone else on the lake in danger. The most recent tragedy occurred on Lake Lanier in Georgia where a fishing boat operated by a drunk boater slammed into a pontoon, killing a 9-year-old boy. Divers are still searching for his 13-year-old brother, Griffin.

The man causing the ruination of these lives is 44-year-old Paul Bennett. His life too will never be the same.