Minnesota Minor in Possession Class Could Have Saved Prevented Breathalyzer

by: Mike Miller

I am all in favor of high school graduation being a sober experience for everyone (that includes you too parents)! But should all grads be forced to take a breathalyzer before being allowed to walk up on stage?

I certainly hope not. But that is exactly what happened at one Minnesota high school according to theblaze.com.

Administrators at St Charles High School got the brilliant idea that they would administer breathalyzer tests to all graduates before going on stage to receive their diploma.

Of course some parents are irate and threatening to sue the school. How dumb a response is that? Yes, the administrators made a poor decision, but the “first-response” of a threat to sue is another terrible sign for our children.

I understand parents are angry and I might be too. But suing over it is not the answer. What could have driven administrators to impose the breathalyzer?

Faculty said they had smelled alcohol on some of the students. Superintendent Mark Roubinek says teachers told the principal they observed unusual behavior by a group of 20 or more students and that administration feared several of those students would be driving after rehearsal was over. Sounds a little like BS to me.

Students were told they would not be able to participate in the commencement ceremony if they refused to take a breathalyzer. Students were not read their rights.

School policy states when kids appear intoxicated on school property, the police are called. But Roubinek decided to “move on to the next stage” – testing the entire graduating class.

Students admitted that there was a party held the previous night in which alcohol was present and the school’s suspicions were confirmed after a number of students tested positive for alcohol.

More than 10 students tested positive for alcohol and were punished.

What do you think of this situation? I think the school should have implemented a Minnesota MIP class and done their best to advise students not to drink before graduation.