App for DUI Classes Coming Soon?

by: Mike Miller

Is it just me or does it seem like they have developed an application for everything? Here is a new one.

As a counselor for in-class and online alcohol classes I follow news stories about alcohol-related incidents closely.

I have a friend on the police force who can’t wait until he hears. “Officer, I’d like to consult with … my iPhone.”

People who are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving now can use a new mobile app called “DUI STOP” to get instant information on drunken-driving laws – and a free consultation with one of six seasoned lawyers at any time of the day or night.

The app is designed to help people arrested on suspicion of Dui find an attorney specializing in the field of DUI law, 24 hours a day.

The app became available in May as a free download at the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It’s expected to be launched soon for Android phones. An app, short for “application,” gives users one-touch access to information, tasks or services.

Right now the app only works in parts of Ohio with plans to expand into Northern Kentucky.

Besides connecting people with attorneys and legal information, the app also helps users find high-risk insurance, collision repair, court-approved drug and alcohol treatment programs and “ignition interlock” devices, which prevent drivers from starting car.

There is no doubt technology can be a great thing. What do you think will be next?