Illinois Driver Needs More Than Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

How many chances must a person get. There is an Ohio woman who has received seven Dui convictions. So far she has not killed anyone, but still, it begs to question when she will become a pedestrian.

While the Ohio woman, Susan Foy, never killed anyone, an Illinois man, Brian Claiborne was not so fortunate. In addition to driving under the influence of alcohol, The Mason County District Attorney added an attempted murder charge to a case against a Manito man accused of stabbing someone several times and fleeing in a vehicle while drunk.

Claiborne, 47, allegedly stabbed another man four times in the chest and stomach area and one time in the arm Aug. 8 before speeding away in a vehicle at more than 100 mph. He crashed his vehicle and was taken to Mason District Hospital.

His blood alcohol content recorded at the hospital was .237. Authorities said they found a pocket knife in a sheath on Claiborne’s belt that appeared to have blood on it.

Claiborne was charged with aggravated battery and his fourth offense of driving under the influence of alcohol. Attempted murder is a Class X felony that carries a prison sentence of six years to 30 years if Claiborne is convicted.

Again, it begs to question why this guy is not in prison let alone still allowed to operate a motor vehicle.