Glee Star Jane Lynch Needed Drug Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

As the office manager in the Judd Apatow classic “The 40-year-old Virgin” Jane Lynch was awesome. While she has been around Hollywood for decades, the 51-year-old actress finally has found stardom on the hit television show “Glee.”

It was 20 years ago when Lynch, fearing she was an alcoholic gave up drinking booze. Back then she was downing Miller Lite beers one after another. After giving up beer, she turned to chocolate ice cream.

Obviously Lynch has an addictive personality. She originally sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous after getting totally drunk and high on marijuana.

A lesbian, Lynch has found happiness in her marriage to Lara Embrey but her addictive personality again reared its ugly self recently as she admitted to having become addicted to liquid cold medicine.

The actress said she was so depressed that she sought 'happy oblivion' by downing bottles of the NyQuil syrup.

The over-the-counter medicine contains alcohol and if taken in sufficient quantities has the same effect as drinking.

She said she had managed to kick her addiction to alcohol, but couldn't give up trying to get drunk by downing bottles of the cold medicine.

Medical experts have said drinking large quantities of the cold and cough medicine can cause liver and other organ damage.

Lynch said her addiction the cold treatments worsened during a 10-month stay in New York when she was appearing in a play about the TV family The Brady Bunch.

Given her addictive personality I would hope Jane will stay away from any possible substance she could become addicted to.