Al Pacino’s Daughter Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

Let’s begin by saying that celebrities are not role models. Would you like to be the child of a celebrity? I would imagine the stress on these children is tremendous.  People look at them differently and act differently around them, hoping to befriend them just to meet their famous parent.

Such is the case Julie Marie Pacino. As the daughter of legendary Hollywood Superstar Al Pacino, Julie must face constant pressure. Had she been my daughter, no doubt her arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) this past summer would have gone unnoticed.

Julie, who has been working hard to establish a career on her own merit, not wanting to ride the coattails of her famous father, suffered a personal low this past July when she was arrested in Manhattan for driving under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana.

Pacino told police she drank 'three beers' and had smoked marijuana when she was pulled her over for a New York DUI in Manhattan on July 30.

Julie, the Oscar-winning actor's daughter with his acting coach ex-Jan Tarrant, was driving a 2009 Mercedes Benz with an expired California registration sticker when she was stopped at a checkpoint.

Unlike many celebrities and children of celebrities, Pacino is standing up for her reckless behavior stating that it was one of the biggest mistakes of her life and she never wants it to happen again.

It is nice to see a 21-year-old taking responsibility for her actions. I hope she succeeds in staying out of trouble.