Alcohol Awareness Class Needed for Anti-Alcohol Advocate

by: Mike Miller

In life you must practice what you preach. As a parent you want to role model the behavior guidelines you establish for your children. If you are going to be vocal about not drinking alcohol or abusing drugs, you had best refrain from using them as well.

If you don’t practice what you preach, the bounce back can be quite embarrassing. Take the case of Ron Rose.

The 44-year-old from Perthshire in the United Kingdom has long been a staunch anti-alcohol advocate. Rose has campaigned vigorously against alcohol-induced anti-social behavior. You might think he is a tee-totaler or something.

Practice What You Preach

Obviously if I am writing this blog, Rose does not practice what he preaches. Recently police were tipped off that Rose was driving while intoxicated. Police pulled him over and found him to be more than three times the legal limit!

Wait, it gets better. Rose was sentenced to five months in prison! Why such a big sentence. Oh, did I forget to mention this was his third driving under the influence violation. Nice, huh?

This is another example of a blow-hard who does not practice what he preaches. Perhaps a nice online alcohol class, while he’s in jail, might be the ticket.