Do You Want an Alcohol Awareness Class to Be One of Your Holiday Season Experiences?

by: Mike Miller

Of course the answer to the question posed in this headline is – absolutely not. Nevertheless, thousands and thousands of people will drink and drive this holiday season – just like they do every year. Business will be booming early next year for in-class and online alcohol awareness classes.

Of course, the best way not to get a DUI is not to drink and drive. If you plan to drink make sure you have safe, sober transportation. A designated driver or taxi is mandatory. As reported in

Here are a few other tips to help keep you from getting a costly DUI that will put a serious dent in your bank account.

Watch your consumption of more than just alcohol. Pain or anxiety medicines prescribed for an illness, such as severe back pain, can impair your ability to drive, too.

Second, avoid drinking at office holiday parties. Not only could it lead to a DUI following the party, alcohol can lead to embarrassing situations that could damage your career.

Be aware of sobriety checkpoints. Another strong reason to find sober transportation. If you get stopped at a DUI checkpoint, even if you are sober, it’s important to cooperate with police. Don’t refuse a sobriety test. When you obtain the privilege of driving a motor vehicle, you are effectively giving your consent to DUI testing if a police officer reasonably believes you are under the influence while operating a motor vehicle.

Again do yourself, your family and the rest of us a favor this holiday season by not drinking and driving.