Bobby Brown Needs a DUI Class Again

by: Mike Miller

Bobby Brown has always had a reputation for being a “bad boy.” When he married super-fresh and super-nice pop diva Whitney Houston people hoped she would change him. Unfortunately he changed her. We all know the end result of that relationship.

We had hoped Houston’s tragic death might get Brown to change his ways. Actions speak louder than words – and Brown’s actions speak of a man fighting for control.

Brown was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) for the second time this year. Of course the incident happened in the middle of the night – 1a.m.

The 43-year-old pleaded no contest to DUI earlier this year following a March arrest in Los Angeles and checked himself into a rehabilitation center in August.

Brown's first album in 14 years came out this summer.

Police witnessed his car weaving between lanes. Not surprisingly, police detected a strong odor of alcohol. Brown then failed a field sobriety test and arrested the former member of New Edition.

Brown was previously arrested for DUI in the San Fernando Valley back in March. That arrest came just four days after the Los Angeles County Coroner's office released the results of its autopsy of ex-wife Whitney Houston.

It is obvious a mere alcohol class is not helping this seriously troubled and addicted man. If he does not change his ways I fear he will wind up another Hollywood tragedy like his ex-wife.