8 Hour Alcohol Class Could be Part of Your Holiday Vacation

by: Mike Miller

Have you ever driven while intoxicated during the holiday season. Odds are, that if you drink alcohol, you probably have. Don’t worry, you are not alone. None of us are really safe as there are thousands of intoxicated drivers out on the roads during the holiday season.

Here is a key tip to keep you out of one of my alcohol classes. As reported in www.jsonline.com.

First, don’t think just because you are driving the speed limit and not crossing over the lane lines that you are safe. A police officer can ask you to pull over for any traffic violation – from a burned-out brake light to texting while. If an officer suspects that you’re under the influence, he or she can begin the investigation process, which includes observation, sobriety tests and blood alcohol measurement.

My advice to you to keep from getting a DUI and having to take an in-class or online 8 hour alcohol class is first and foremost don’t do it. Period. The absolute best way to avoid a DUI is to never get behind the wheel of your car if you’ve been drinking. Call a cab. Arrange a ride with a friend who has not been drinking. Agree with your spouse before you go to dinner or out to an event as to who will be the designated driver for the evening.