An 8-Hour Online Alcohol Class Can Help Avoid Temptation During Holidays

by: Mike Miller

As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict I understand how powerful the temptations to drink and use drugs can be for an addict during the holiday season. Normally a time for joy and celebration, our addictions can make these stressful times almost unbearable.

Whether you are currently drinking or using drugs or have been sober for years, the first step I ask you to take is enrolling in an 8-hour online alcohol class or 8-hour online drug class. These classes help reinforce our belief and understanding of why drinking and using drugs will destroy our lives and continue to provide us with techniques to keep us from relapsing into our past behavior.

The most important way to avoid temptation is to make good decisions. The first decision you make should be not to put yourself in compromising situations. Stay away from places where drugs or alcohol will be consumed.

The brain is a powerful tool. Even a year into sobriety, being at a party and having a glass of champagne is easy for the brain to rationalize having one drink. The only answer for sobriety is total abstinence. Not one drink, not even a sip. Your life is not worth it.

So make a good decision every time and you will enjoy a healthy and sober holiday season.