Will an Alcohol Class Help You Avoid Alcohol During the Holidays?

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol awareness classes I can tell you that an alcohol class will help you discover ways to keep from drinking during the holiday season. Alcohol classes also will help you with ways in which to politely decline alcoholic beverages.

As a recovering alcoholic I can tell you that almost everyone appreciates a person’s attempt to get and stay sober. Unless you are a teenage boy or a college-age male, the support from friends and family are tremendous. When I was first sober (for the 100th time – and knock on wood last time) our family gatherings were alcohol-free.

The fact is many alcoholics are afraid to come out of the closet. They are ashamed that they have an addiction which they cannot control, so even if they are sober, they feel they have to at least have a sip or two during the holidays with their usual friends and family who are accustomed to seeing them drink.

One polite way to decline alcohol is to tell them you are currently taking a medication that the doctor has warned you against combining with alcohol. Another way is to admit you have not been drinking lately and have been feeling much better.

If you are an alcoholic, quit drinking now. If you are sober, stay sober. Believe me your friends and family will understand, appreciate and support your refusal to drink.