Find Out Which Sodas Have Alcohol in Them

by: Mike Miller

Are you a teetotaler who prefers soft drinks to ingesting poisonous alcohol into your body? If so, you may be surprised by a recent study that showed many of the sodas you regularly consume actually have small amounts of alcohol in them!

Soda lovers should beware of what may be found in the sugary drinks. Researchers in France recently revealed that sodas, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, have small traces of alcohol. This as reported in

Is there reason for concern here? Why was this not revealed before. Is my sobriety compromised by my 6-pack a day habit to Diet Coke?

It turns out that only the supermarket knockoffs of the drinks did not contain alcohol.

Is it possible that traces of alcohol come from the process’ of making Coca-Cola according to its secret recipe? How does this make Muslims who do not drink alcohol feel?

The alcohol levels in the beverages are around 0.001 percent, which amounts of 10mg in every liter. Of 19 sodas, only nine did not have alcohol. The ten beverages that have traces of alcohol included Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Class Light, Coke Zero, and Pepsi Cola.

Is there cause for alarm? Perhaps, only if you are taking medicatiosn that react adversely with alcohol.

The concentration of alcohol, although very scanty, may interact with a few medications – either increasing or decreasing the effect of drugs taken like blood thinners, and a few antibiotics which may alter the drug regimen and its effects. Moreover, the health hazards of these sugary beverages impact the heath of diabetics.

I firmly believe there should be a warning label at the bottom notifying consumers that this drink make contain traces of alcohol just like man y products due for nut, so, milk, what and other allergies.

What do you think?