Celebrity DUI – Part 1

by: Mike Miller

There is no doubt that celebrities are exalted in this country. Maybe not quite as much as the Royal Family in Great Britain, nevertheless American’s adore their celebrities. The questions are out there.

The Questions:

  • Are celebrities role models?
  • Do people imitate celebrities?
  • Should celebrities be role models?
  • Should people imitate celebrities?

The only question with a definitive is answer is that yes, people imitate celebrities.  Look no further than the “Little Monsters” following Lady Gaga or all the “Gangsta” rappers.  They do.  Whether you think they are role models or not really depends on the each individual person’s desire to follow a celebrity example or not.

I certainly think we would like the young stars of today to be good examples for our youngsters growing up!  I am sure if you have kids who are in the impressionable years (they all are impressionable), especially tween through teen, you want your kids following people who have a positive influence on their lives.

Enough of the Babble, Already

This blog entry, as well as the others that follow, will not answer any of the above questions.  I can assure you that after reading the majority of these blog entries you will hope that the behavior of those being blogged about do not influence you, anyone you love, or anyone at all for that matter!

An Example

I won’t just tease you.  Here is one example of “Celebrity DUI.”  Let’s start at the top – the former President of the United States – George W. Bush!!!

A 30-year-old Bush was arrested and pled guilty in the state of Maine in 1976. As punishment he paid a $150 fine and had his Maine’s driver’s license temporarily revoked!  Until next time…