Woe to Drinking in Nevada

by: Mike Miller

Notice to all you drivers out there – one place you want to obey all traffic laws is NEVADA.  You have heard me say before that I spend a good deal of time driving down in the state of Nevada. Actually, as a teacher for alcohol awareness classes, I spend a good deal of time driving all over this great country. 

Elected Politicians Should Know Better

It should be quite alarming to constituents in Nevada that their elected representatives have trouble staying on the right side of the law.  It’s hit and miss for this group of wrong doers – some keep their jobs with re-election and others get canned!

Our parent company is based in Nevada.  The city of Henderson, Nevada's attorney is going to be in need of legal representation of her own and most likely an alcohol awareness class.  Henderson City Attorney Elizabeth Quillen was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after she lost control of her vehicle hitting two parked cars, a pair of trees and finally a fire hydrant!

Quillen is far from alone with DUI behavior.  How about Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett?  This upstanding elected official was responsible for two rollover crashes – in the same day!

Under House Arrest

Boulder City Council Member Karla Burton was arrested and charged with DUI back in 2007 when police found her passed out in her car.  Her BAC at the time was 0.274%.  Burton wasn’t finished; she later tested over 0.08% in court and spent some time under house arrest wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet.

The Police Too

In 1999 Metro Police commander Charles Davidaitis crashed into a street light, fire hydrant and fence before making it home.  He was accused of trying to get his wife to take the blame.  When his colleagues arrived on the scene her was belligerent before finally agreeing to a breath test.  Big surprise - 0.215%!

There are plenty more where these came from, let me tell you.  Beware citizens of Nevada who you elect.  If you are an elected Nevada official reading this – show some common sense!