Celebrity DUI – Part 2

by: Mike Miller

As defined by Merriam-Webster, celebrity is “a famous or celebrated person (www.merriam-webster.com)”. Synonyms include, “big name, cause celebre, celeb, figure, icon, light, luminary, megastar,  somebody, standout, star, superstar, and VIP (Ibid)”.

Two words you do not see mentioned are “role model”. While it may not be a reason for inclusion in Merriam-Webster’s definition there is no doubt celebrities often do not comport themselves in a manner you would want modeled. We talked some about celebrities in Celebrity DUI Part 1. Now here's part 2.

Don’t Drink & Drive Like These Socialites

Among the youthful Hollywood “A List” are a group of hard-partying kids with alcohol issues.  Right at the top of the list has to be the celebrity whose only reason for being a celebrity is celebrity itself (if that made sense to you perhaps this socialite should be a celebrity) – Paris Hilton.

Besides having a homemade sex tape exposed she was arrested for driving under the influence back in September 2006.  Her punishment was 3 years of probation and a mandatory alcohol awareness class. She later was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license and spent 23 days in the slammer.

No less a celebrity whose life is even more of a train-wreck than Hilton’s is the uber-naughty Lindsay Lohan (who has also made an appearance on our theft blog).  She may well be the reigning Hollywood “bad girl”. The naughty Miss Lohan was first busted for DUI in May 2007 when her car jumped a curb.

A rehab stint later and she was back behind the wheel loaded in July 2007.  That’s right 2 months later. When police tested her she had a BAC of 0.13. She also had a small baggie of cocaine in her pocket.

These two epitomize a fairly suspect group of young celebrities. Take heed–do not celebrate the deeds of these out of control celebrities by miming their actions.