Alcohol Education Works!

by: Mike Miller

Everyone always likes a little good news.  When it comes to studies, surveys and statistics related to alcohol, the findings generally are somewhat terrifying.

Alcohol Awareness Classes Are Working

This is why I would like you to be aware of a recent survey by the Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Programs.This survey revealed that all this alcohol awareness may be working. 

The survey showed that various statistics regarding alcohol consumption have seen a decline since 2007.  It showed that only has alcohol use slowed down, but binge drinking and the problems associated with alcohol have been reduced as well. The study also showed that underage drinking and driving under the influence may also be on the decline!

The study was done on a group of students who were chosen randomly.  It showed that binge drinking was down almost 5% and the total number of students who had consumed alcohol in the past month had declined about 3.5%.

Other uplifting stats that the survey showed that underage drinking was down over 4% and the number of students driving under the influence declined over 8%.

Many of the students surveyed admitted that they had had problems after drinking alcohol in the past and had learned from their own experience.  

Anyway, just thought I’d pass on a little good news!