Bus Drivers Need Alcohol Awareness Too

by: Mike Miller

DUI is a very serious offense.>One would like to think it doesn’t matter the circumstance – all DUI cases are the same. While I will agree there is no good excuse for a DUI, I will say there is variable severity of the DUI offense.

Case in point – dateline Cache County Utah. Yesterday police arrested a 57-year-old school bus driver for DUI. Her name is Tamra Gustaveson and she HAD been employed by the Cache County School District for more than 25 years. How terrifying that a career school bus driver is drinking on the job. And what job could be more important than the safe transportation of children?

And There’s More

Not only was she intoxicated while driving the bus, but she was carrying a loaded handgun next to the seat. Hmph.

As part of a plea bargain and not contesting the DUI, a second charge of carrying a dangerous weapon while intoxicated was dropped.

Once again, the moral of this story is USE COMMON SENSE. In all my years of counseling I have yet to have a school bus driver in class due to drinking while driving the bus. Use alcohol responsibly.