Alcohol Awareness Today at a Concert

by: Mike Miller

As I stood waiting for a concert to start last night a thought came to mind.  I decided to ask the group of 20-somethings what they thought about “Alcohol Awareness Month.” Of course the initial reaction from the gents was to crack a joke as they took a huge pull on their schooner of Anchor Steam.

I had been speaking to these “kids” for more than an hour and we had established a nice rapport. They were nice people who all held jobs, all 10 were under the age of 30. Of the six guys, four were registered medicinal marijuana card holders, and all six males, including the two non “medicinal” users, admitted to have ingested plenty of medication prior to coming to the concert.

Bleak View of the Future

Most of the guys (4) admitted that they thought they would have a drinking problem at some point in the future and were not really concerned about it.  When asked if they would ever stop drinking, all 10 said no way, they never believed they would stop for any reason.


Only kids themselves, this group had a hard time with the idea of their drinking when they had kids. They really did not want to even think about having to be role models. All 10 said that if they had kids they would not want them to have problems with drugs or alcohol.

The general impression I got from these kids was they were again, nice people, but all of them were dealing with a serious lack of vision regarding their future and becoming responsible adults. Did they really want to face minor in possession classes later? They probably didn't even think about it.