What You Should Learn in a Minor in Possession Class

by: Mike Miller

When taking a minor in possession class, it's important that the class teach you a wide variety of topics. Some of the most important topics include:

  • History of drug abuse. What started people on abusing drugs in the first place? What drugs did people use in the past and what are they using now.
  • Drug/DWI laws. The laws covering drug use and DWI (driving under the influence). Not only what's legal and what's illegal, but the consequences of their use.
  • Dynamics of drug use. What happens when people use drugs?
  • Drugs of abuse. What are drugs that are typically abused.
  • How drugs work. How drugs are used and how they effect the body to create the "high"
  • Cost of use and abuse. What are the costs to people to abuse drugs. This includes work consequences, family consequenses, and societal consequences.
  • Health issues. What health effects can somebody who uses or abuses drugs can expect. Both the short term and long-term effects.
  • HIV. Sharing dirty needles is the #1 HIV infection vector for drug use. HIV is a horrible killer.
  • Interpersonal relationships. How drug use can negatively effect relationships. This is with friends, family and work relationships.
  • Deglamorization of drugs. Maybe it seems cool to use drugs on the surface, but celebrities who glamorize drugs are giving a very inaccurate representatio of them.
  • Values and behaviors. How your values and behaviors can contribute to drug use. This includes the people you hang out with and the activities you like to do.
  • Past and desired behaviors. There's often has to be a big change between where you used to be and where you want to be. It starts with changing your behaviors.
  • Getting control of your life. More than changing your use of drugs, it's about changing your whole life and getting control that will help you stop using permanently.
  • Resource options. Where you can go to get help stopping using drugs.
  • Personal action planning. How to put together a plan to stop using drugs.

Online Alcohol Class's MIP class covers all these topics in depth and a whole lot more. Make sure minor drug education class you consider offers the same thing.