Alcohol Awareness Common Sense, Please?

by: Mike Miller

What is happening in the world? Earlier this week a 57-year-old bus driver was arrested for DUI and having a loaded handgun next to the driver’s seat, and on April 8th a 57- year-old teacher was arrested for being drunk in class.

Anne Keller was substituting at Westlake High in Westlake, Ohio. The 57-year-old substitute decided to have a “three-martini” lunch. She had brought e bottle of alcohol with her and managed to consume most of it during the 35-minute lunch period.

One of the students was concerned with the sub, who was sitting in front of the classroom when the students returned only to bolt from the room shortly thereafter. The student went in search of her or the principal. The student and another teacher found Keller “in a pretty bad state.” Keller was promptly arrested for being intoxicated and possessing an open container of alcohol.

What the heck was she thinking?  Especially in front of minors who might be influenced by this bad behavior. Sure some of the kids were shocked. But did others think that it was "cool" to get drunk in school. You don't want them thinking, "hey if the teacher did it, then so can I!" The moral of this story AGAIN is – show some common sense!!!