Could an 8-Hour Online Alcohol Class Save You from Getting Cancer?

by: Mike Miller

The effects of alcohol on the development of many cancers are numerous. Alcohol is categorized as a class 1 cancer-causing substance. Does that make it as dangerous as other proven human carcinogens such as benzene and heavy cigarette smoking?

Should it really matter? It is a class 1 cancer-causer! As reported in

Not surprisingly, the risk tends to increase with the overall amount of ethanol consumed and, with certain cancer types, females are more at risk.

One study has shown that even one large glass of beer or wine per day could increase bowel cancer by as much as 18% and liver cancer by 20%. If that doesn’t keep you from “needing” your nightly drink what will?

For those of you who read my blog regularly, let’s remember that alcohol is poisonous to the human body. Without the miraculous work of the human liver, people would perish from consuming alcohol. Some still do if they drink such a large amount that the liver is unable to process it. This is called alcohol poisoning.

Drinking alcohol is dangerous and detrimental, regardless of the amount you consume. I would like for you to take an alcohol class, and while doing so abstain from drinking for 30 days. After your 8 hour alcohol class and hiatus from booze you might just choose never to drink again.