MIP Class Could Help Save Your GPA

by: Mike Miller

How can a MIP class save your grade point average? Students may not realize it, but alcohol, that if excessively used, can have a negative impact on performance.

Alcohol affects the body for more than the few moments of inebriation. Ask anyone trying to recover from a hangover. As reported in www.westernherald.com.

One of the most interesting – and useful – statistics I often cite is how long our bodies take to recover from a night of drinking. Any night that students have five or more drinks, it takes their bodies three full days to recover.

A heavy night of drinking will affect a number of functions, including the ability to get a restful night’s sleep, the abilities to concentrate, solve problems, pay attention, think critically and form memories, all of which are important skills for being a college student, especially when it comes to studying.

Alcohol most-certainly does not help you sleep – despite being able to pass out quickly and sleep through your alarm clock. The alcohol circulating in your body doesn’t allow you to get into the deeper, more restorative sleep cycles.

It takes about five days to recover if you were to drink two nights in a row. She recommends that if students find themselves in a cycle like this, they should take some time off from drinking and pay attention to how they feel in class, when they wake up in the morning.

So take a Minor in Possession of Alcohol class and save your body and your GPA.