Youth Director Heading to Arizona Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

Should youth directors be held to higher standards? Are they not human too? After reading the following blog judge for yourself.

There are few places good, solid youth directors are more needed to help children than American Indian reservations. Good, solid role models help provide children and teens with the fortitude to make the smart decisions to stay away from drugs and alcohol. As reported in

The director of the Navajo Office of Youth Development, which is also known as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dine Nation, was arrested for extreme DUI and resisting arrest back in January.

Jerome Clark was arrested by Flagstaff police who witnessed his gray 2012 Chevrolet Camaro swerving and then driving right down the middle of the street.

The arresting officer claimed that the windows on the 39-year-old’s vehicle were tinted so dark that he couldn't see inside even with his flashlight. When the window did roll down, the officer said appeared to be hiding something in the center console.

Clarke handed over a business card and identified himself as an attorney then tried getting right back into his vehicle to drive away. Clark then failed subsequent field sobriety tests and resisted the officer's attempts to handcuff him. He blew a 0.164.

The officer discovered several cans of Bud Light beer had been stuffed into the center console and several beer bottle caps were in the car as well. Clark tried to deny any guilt. Is this the behavior of a youth director? Is this alcohol turning a good man bad? Could an online Arizona alcohol awareness class have made a difference here? I respect your thoughts on these questions.