Naughty Teacher Needs DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Teachers are one of the foundations of American society. They educate our children and spend as much, if not more, time with them than we do. We rely on their integrity and morals. Every once in while they turn out not to be such good role models. Such is the case with this teacher.

In Florida, police arrested a middle school teacher on suspicion of DUI. Was she contrite about the fact that she had been accused of being involved in a hit-and-run accident? I am not certain, however, she offered the arresting officer sexual favors to keep her out of the pokey suggest, not so much. As reported in

The teacher, 53-year-old, Mary Maloney now facing six charges including hit and run, knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license and two counts of bribery.

First she offered to bribe the officer. Then she added she was a school teacher. Finally, Maloney, a 7th grade science teacher at Palm Springs Middle School, then offered to provide oral sex to the officer and invited him to grope her breasts.

This is a perfect example of how alcohol makes people do stupid things. She is a rational, intelligent woman. Why would she offer to bribe a police officer? Surely, her decision-making powers were vastly hindered by her alcohol consumption.

Being a hit-and-run makes this even worse because Maloney thought she had gotten away with her crime. Maloney's white Dodge van after she collided into a man's white Chevy pick-up Sunday evening. The witness reported to police after Maloney parked her van

When arrested, Maloney’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Police also happened to notice that two airbags had been deployed in the van as well and found an empty jug of Carlo Rossi wine was behind the driver's seat.

I hate to hear stories about teachers and drugs or alcohol. I have children myself and I hate to think they are being educated by addicts.