Save Yourself from a Super Bowl Sunday DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Is it just me or does the Super Bowl seem to represent an occasion for people to drink more alcohol than they normally wood? When I was a drinker, Super Bowl Sunday was an occasion to get plastered. Of course I was both a serious sports fans and a severe alcoholic.

What is your stance on the Super Bowl? Do you plan to drink? Do you think you might become intoxicated? Who will be transporting you to any party where you might be consuming booze? Do you think you might just have one or two and be okay to drive, when in all seriousness you know you will get drunk and try to make it home?

Take a Taxi

Let me suggest to you right now to find a safe ride. Do not count on others to only have one or two, staying sober enough to get you home safely. Plan on paying the extra money on cab fare. I promise you that on Monday morning you will be happy that you made the smart choice.

The last thing anyone wants is to get arrested for a DUI. So again, do the smart thing and plan on using a taxi.