Woman Could Use Both Alcohol Awareness Class and Online Theft Class

by: Mike Miller

When a deal seems too good to be true, there is probably something fishy. Such is the case recently in Indiana where a local tavern was busted for buying stolen alcohol. The thief was 42-year-old Theresa Lowe who pilfered the booze from a local Kroger’s grocery store.

Officers seized 21 bottles of stolen liquor from R&R Bar and Grill in Jeffersonville. According to police, the bar’s owner indicated he paid about $20 for each bottle of liquor.

R&R was cited for four violations: purchasing alcohol from unauthorized source, receiving stolen property, no employee permit and record of employee permit required.

Lowe may have taken about $3,000 in alcohol and other items from Kroger stores since March. Her criminal trespass charge stems from a theft case at the Kroger in Clarksville, Indiana on March 3. She was stopped for taking about $159.43 worth of merchandise and signed a no-trespass form.

Should Have Known Better

Roy Davey, the bar’s owner, said that the employee who agreed to purchase the liquor will be disciplined once they receive all the police reports.

Davey said about buying the alcohol from an individual was not normal protocol.

“She came through with some booze,” Davey said. “She said she was selling some cheap liquor.”

Davey admitted he knew the alcohol was hot, or stolen, as soon as he heard how much they had paid.

Lowe, who was convicted of fraud in 2007, was charged on with class D felony theft and class A misdemeanor criminal trespass with respect to her latest transgressions.

Again, folks this is a simple one where two parties both committed theft. Be kind to your fellow citizens and do not take what is not yours. If you know somebody who steals, recommend a theft class. If somebody has a drinking problem, they could benefit from alcohol education.