Mel Gibson Needed Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

America’s fascination with celebrities goes back more than 100 years. For some reason we place these normal people on a pedestal. People like to look, dress and act like celebrities. As is often the case, these vaunted celebrities prove they are not worthy of such adulation. One of the best examples is Mel Gibson.

A Road Warrior or Road Terror?

Gibson skyrocketed to fame with the 1979 cult-classic film “Mad Max.” His stardom was solidified in the sequel “Road Warrior” and “Lethal Weapon.” Rising to fame as a warrior of the roads in a post-apocolyptic Earth, Gibson proved more adept behind the wheel on the set than on the real streets.

The arrest of the Australian-born actor on July 28, 2006 (today is the 5 year anniversary) was a shock to many as he had a virtually unblemished reputation prior to this arrest.

DUI and More Cause Star to Fall

It was not only the fact that a clearly drunken Gibson slurred his words and failed a field sobriety test that caused his celebrity to fall, but the slew of anti-semetic profanity that spewed out of his mouth after his arrest.

Following his anti-semetic outburst came information about his father, whose religious beliefs certainly would be considered fanatical and definitely anti-semetic came to light. As they say, “the apple does not fall far from the tree,” so it is no surprise that an industry were the Jewish Community is heavily involved, would turn its back on a one-time superstar.

Gibson is just another example of a normal person, given extreme celebrity, who failed as a human being during his time in the spotlight.