You Are an Absolute Star I Cannot Thank You Enough!

by: Mike Miller

This is some recent feedback we got from one of our customers.

What did we do to earn this praise? Nothing special really. She had a simple request for us regarding her certificate. The point is not that we did it, but that we responded promptyly and took  care of her request quickly without any fuss. This is the way we treat all our customers.

We know that sometimes having an alcohol awareness class requirement and not much time to meet it can be really stressful. Like everybody else, I've dealt with bad customer service. Nothing could be more frustrating that being put on hold forever or having to wade through a crazy phone tree or even talking to a guy in a foreign country who doesn't speak your language.

Even though Online Alcohol Class has a small staff, we really try to give our customers the best personal customer support we possibly can for our alcohol awareness classes and MIP classes. We don't outsource our customer service. You call us and you reach our office. If we miss your call, we respond promptly. And no matter what you request is, as long as it's reasonable, we do everything we can to try to meet it. That's our promise!