Perhaps Alcohol Awareness Classes Should be Mandatory for Hollywood Celebrities

by: Mike Miller

Here’s a question for you – which of the following celebrities has been arrested for driving under the influence? Second, how many of these “celebrities” have you heard of?

Here you go: Busta Rhymes, Jennifer Lynn Jackson, Eve, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros. The answer is that all were arrested for DUI and I had heard of all except Jennifer Lynn Jackson.

Lost in Booze

Two of the stars of the mega-television hit show “Lost” are on this list. Watros, who played Libby on “Lost”, also starred on the “Drew Carey Show” and the soap opera “Guiding Light” was arrested and plead guilty to DUI and was sentenced to an alcohol awareness class and 90 days probation.

Rogriguez, who played Ana Lucia Cortez on “Lost” also was in “Girlfight” and “Avatar” among other starring roles. She was arrested and found guilty of Dui in Hawaii back in December, 2005.

Rappers Need Alcohol Awareness Classes too

Busta Rhymes was pulled over for having overly tinted windows and reeked of booze. After failing a sobriety test he was convicted of Dui back in 2007.

Eve, a pop-rap super star drove her Maserati into a center divider on Hollywood Boulevard on April 26th of 2007. She was arrested for DUI and was sentenced to 36 months informal probation, ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet for 45 days, enroll in a three-month first-offender alcohol education program and attend at least 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Are Playmates Dumb Enough to Drink and Drive?

Of course the answer is yes. A former Playboy Playmate, Jennifer Lynn Jackson was pulled over in Ohio on June 30th 2007. The 38-year-old was caught with a large amount of beer bottles, marijuana and rolling papers in her car.

Her breath analysis test showed her with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.077 with the legal limit in the country being 0.08. She initially pleaded not guilty, however the field tests failed were caught on police video camera and are all over the Internet showing how the Playmate almost fell into the road and barely missed being hit by traffic.

People, celebrities are just people with all the same flaws as everyone else. They may have a special talent for singing, dancing, acting, or just have an amazing physical beauty, but they’re still human.