Snooki and The Situation Need an Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Reality television is bringing down our entire society. As our nation’s youth grow up watching the likes of Jersey Shore and Real World and Teen Mom, their behavior seems to mirror the trash on TV. When will our youth wake up and decide being reckless and selfish and stop acting like pedantic fools?

This is from a continuing series of blogs illuminating celebrity alcohol abuse. 

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Forever shown being a hard partyer, Polizzi finally got her come-uppance when she was arrested being drunk and disorderly when police received complaints about her on a beach. Now that she’s pregnant I would hope she would grow up, yet somehow doubt that will happen.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino – Snooki’s Jersey Shore pal is trying to clean up his act. He entered rehab for addiction to both alcohol and prescription medication. Of course there were excuses, but the fact that he has remained clean for months is a positive sign. With alcohol being such a huge part of his act during the first five seasons it will be interesting to see if he relapses in season 6. Of course I will not be watching, but will most certainly blog about it when the inevitable happens.

Shows like Jersey Shore not only dumb down America but create a belief in our youth that this type of behavior is OK. I really hope the days of reality television are coming to a close, but somehow doubt that is the case. Can a New Jersey alcohol awareness class even possibly help?