Could a Montana DUI School have Prevented 13 DUIs?

by: Mike Miller

What does a person look like who has received 13 driving under the influence (DUI) violations? Take a good look at this photo.

A man from Billings, Montana was sentenced in November for his 12th DUI conviction. He only had to wait two months before #13. As reported in

William Dean Grussing changed an earlier plea of not guilty to guilty to a charge of driving drunk last June. How much credibility can you give a guy who has 11 prior convictions for driving under the influence?

The sentencing for the 55-year-old serial DUI offender includes a maximum penalty of 13 months' commitment to the Department of Corrections and five years of probation or, if he's designated a persistent felony offender, up to five years in state custody. Do you think he qualifies as a “persistent felony offender”?

In November, when Watters sentenced Grussing for his 12th DUI, committed in June 2011, she complained of being bound by a loophole in state law to sentence him to only 13 months in state custody despite his lengthy history of drunken driving.

Do changes need to be mandated nationally for DUI offenses?

This is a sad, sad case. Grussing needs more than a Montana DUI class. He needs to be mandated to intensive therapy while behind bars. And one more thing – he should become a permanent pedestrian.