Roll up the Beer Truck

by: Mike Miller

The first time I ever bought alcohol myself – directly from a vendor – was a from a pizza delivery guy. He could have cared less about what age I was. Especially when I gave him a $20 and told him to keep the change. That was the easiest 12-pack of beer I ever bought as a minor.

Don’t read me wrong – what I did and what the pizza delivery guy did was wrong, but it was just too easy. He was just a couple of years older than me and my friend. While not the reason I eventually became an alcoholic, it was the ease of obtaining alcohol at a young age that paved the way to my eventual problem with booze.

Legalizing Alcohol Delivery for Minors?

That is why a bill on the books in Prince George County, Maryland has me especially perturbed. The bill would allow liquor stores to deliver alcohol to the homes of their customers.

What sits in the middle of this Prince George County – the University of Maryland in College Park! If alcohol wasn’t already so readily available to college students this would make it just a little easier.

Here is the irony (at least for me) - liquor stores are saying they should be able to deliver alcohol to its customers because pizza delivery firms already do so! As the saying goes – “just say no”!!!