Celebrity DUI – Part 3

by: Mike Miller

I have written before (part 1 and part 2) about celebrities and whether or not they should be role models. The number of young Hollywood actors, musicians and athletes that skyrocket to stardom are too numerous to count.  As they rise, so too does their presence in society. Children and adults look up to them, often trying to emulate everything from their style of dress to the cars they drive to their behavior.

Often with stardom comes stress and pressure these individuals never sought, nor can they cope with. It doesn’t take much for public perception to change in a heartbeat, and when it does, the stars come crashing back to Earth!

Nolte is Naughty

One star who has never quite been able to reach the pinnacle of stardom is Nick Nolte. This irascible actor is known for playing likable characters as in films such as “48 Hours”, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” and “The Prince of Tides”.

He also is known for having what is perhaps the most embarrassing Dui arrest photo ever taken of a Hollywood star.  Back on September 11, 2002 Los Angeles Police pulled Nolte over and described him as “drooling” and “out of it”. After pleading no contest he paid a $500 fine and underwent a 90-day alcohol treatment.

The moral of this celebrity story reads like all others – celebrities are human just like the rest of us. There is no reason to emulate their behavior – especially if it is bad!