College World Series is Great Family Day (No Alcohol)

by: Mike Miller

Sports is one of America's favorite pastimes.  Baseball is the quintessential American pastime. Taking your child to a baseball game is as American as apple pie and Norman Rockwell paintings. Too often, however, taking your kid to a game you subject yourselves to a litany of profanity, vulgarity and whatnot you certainly do not want to be around.

For the first time in my life I find myself in Omaha, Nebraska at the time of the NCAA College Baseball World Series.  What an amazing atmosphere!

The Omaha residents are ever-so-friendly and the fans are the epitome of what good-natured sports competition is all about.  Everyone is decked out in gear for their favorite team.  If they are not decked out, you can figure they are locals just here to see some great baseball. 

You might be asking yourselves why this rates as fodder for an alcohol awareness blog.  Well, I think alcohol is central to this event.  The reason - they do not sell it at the stadium!

The newly-opened TD Ameritrade Park is a gem of a ballpark and does not sell alcohol during the CWS.  It was quite refreshing to look around and see everyone drinking bottles water and soda.  The sober crowd was so affable that everyone sitting around us all made friends.

The lack of alcohol keeps everyone on an even and helps curb even the most vociferous of fans.  Not once did I hear profanity, nor hear loud fans bashing the other team.  It creates a healthy atmosphere for all involved.

If you ever get a chance to come out to Omaha for this event I would highly recommend it!